Big White





Antique Skis

The cabin I was staying at was decorating heavily with various ski art, and antique ski equipment.

Geometric Cabinplexity

I found the lines and the angles on the cabins to be incredibly interesting, and made this photo full of lines going in all directions.

Night Lights

Most property on Big White is ski-in/ski-out. Not 30 steps from the cabin entryway was a ski run, and beyond that night skiing.


The trail near the cabin cut straight through the forest and led directly to the chairlift. Appropriately named, Woodcutter.

Snow Ghost

One of two chairs that travels up the mountain in parallel.

The Valley

Looking out away towards the rolling hills and mountains of the interior.

Spirit Ride

Big White is known for its "snow ghosts", trees that are heavily covered in layers of snow throughout the season to give the appearance of ghosts.

Push Comes To Shove

A plow affixed to the front of a snow cat.

Seasons Freezings

Throughout the entirety of the season you can find homes decorated with christmas lights, and even christmas trees set up well into March. The feeling of winter and magic helps create the perpetual feeling of the holiday season.