Manning Park





Looking Up

Late at night, sitting in the campsite and star gazing. What a wonderful feeling.

Windy Road

The road leading up to the cascade lookout at Manning Park is full of hair pin turns, and steep overhangs. Yet byciclists and RV owners both make the journey to enjoy the inspiring view

The Raven

Once of the many ravens which showed great interest in my presence. Probably looking for food.

Looking for a snack

The wildlife in Manning park is fairly docile, often looking for food, and willing to eat it out of the palms of hands. Unfortunately these animals become dependant on tourists for food.

Posing for the camera

This little bird was not a foot or so from my shoe, looking to get some food, instead I got his photo.

Nepopekum Falls Awe

This waterfall is one of three situated along the Three Falls trail in Manning Park. This waterfall is the most prominent, and most unexpected of the three falls.

Nepopekum Falls

A closer view of the Nepopekum Falls on the Three Falls trail in Manniung Park

Derek Falls Ending

The last of three waterfalls along the Three Falls treail, Derek Falls is the second most prominent of the three waterfalls.

Hoary Marmot

Most people think of them as ground squirrels, but they're actually called Hoary Marmots. These little creatues can be found everywhere in Manning Park and create their homes in underground burrows.

Picturesque Mt. Shuksan

Mt. Shuksan is the second most prominent peak from Artist Point.

Window to Wilderness

Taken from within the Heather Meadows visitor center.

Chain Links Trail

The start of the chain links trail which progresses from the right of the lake and up into the center ridge and over.