Mt Baker - Birthday





Picturesque Mt. Shuksan

Mt. Shuksan is the second most prominent peak from Artist Point.

Window to Wilderness

Taken from within the Heather Meadows visitor center.

Chain Links Trail

The start of the chain links trail which progresses from the right of the lake and up into the center ridge and over.

Mt. Bakerfly

I am still attempting to identify this butterfly I encountered on our trip. Any leads would be appreciated!

Mother and son

Excited I was finally able to bring share the awe that is the Mt. Baker landscape with my mother.

Mt. Shuksan

This small pond is located away from the main parking area up a path towards a fantastic viewpoint of Mt. Shuksan

Nooksack Falls

On the way back we had to take a quick detour to Nooksack falls


Last stop on the trip included a visit to the Northfolk Pizza & Brewery. We were delighted to enjoy the most amazing mediteranian pizza.