Stanley Park Visit





Reflection Standing

Although seemingly impossible, this Seagull appeared to "walk on water", however it was just an illusion due to a thin layer of ice below the surface.

Hey There

One duck who seemed just as interested in me as I was in him.

Trolling Along

It seems every time I'm in Stanley Park, I cross paths with Racoons. This was one of two racoons who weren't particularly afraid of humans


There is a signifigant population of Blue Herons in Stanley Park.

Spirit Head

Located not far from second beach is this carving of two heads on a tree stump.

Bleak Outlook

The slide at Second Beach pool set against the weather is a nice reminder of the few months of Summer that make Vancouver worth living in.

Weathered Roots

Resting on a beach on the West Side of Stanley Park, my only question is, where was the orgin of the driftwood stump?

Character Decor

Displays like this appeared throughout Stanley Park as December progressed.