With what seemed like the possible start of another warm winter for Vancouver actually resulted in some cooler temperatures and snowfall on the local mountains. This provided an excellent opportunity for a mid-fall visit to Dog Mountain.

Dog Mountain trail is a local favourite due to its easy accessibility, negligible elevation gain and rather short distance. The final look-out provides fantastic views of the lower mainland, Vancouver and even all the way to Washington state on a clear day.

There was enough snow to cover the surrounding landscape, however heavy trail usage left the path muddy and wet. After an hour and a half slog one way, the trail opened up to a rock face with an expansive view of the greater Vancouver area.

I quickly found myself in the presence of crows at this lookout, a common occurrence on many North Shore mountains and trails. However not only crows but another type of bird, 'Clark's Nutcracker' made an appearance looking to dabble in the leftovers of previous human visitors.

As I was sitting there enjoying my energy bar I was enchanted by large wisps of mist travelling up the side of the mountain. This provided a beautiful layered effected between the trees and the mist.

On the way back the sun began to set over the landscape of snow draped trees and not-yet frozen pools of water. I was able to capture some of the late day light splashing over the landscape as I passed by 'First Lake'.

Fresh Snow Mt SeymourOn the way back from visiting Dog Mountain I was stopped in my tracks by the unfolding scene of the sun casting a warm light across the landscape.

While working my way back to the trail head, the fading sun was attempting to find its way through the branches and leaves. The few times it was successful I was able to get a few more shots at the aptly named 'golden hour'. The golden hour is a period of time shortly before sunset or after sunrise during which daylight is redder and softer than during peak daylight hours. This type of light provides for beautiful photography as it brings a soft and warm color palate unlike the heavy contrasted light and shadows created by mid-day sunshine.

At the base of the trail, I made my way past Mystery Peak chair, the Goldie Magic Carpet and to the top of Brockton Chair which gives views looking east towards Burnaby, Coquitlam and all the way to Mt. Baker. The sun having set left brilliant colours of blue and purple in the sky leaving me with a sense of peace about my day.