Seymour CabinCabin located near the Goldie Magic Carpet on Mount Seymour. Not entirely sure if someone lives there, but would be a pretty cool place to stay.

The one thing I love about the Vancouver local mountains is that when it snows, and it seems these days it doesn't snow often enough, is how accessible this tranquility and beauty is from my home in Port Coquitlam. This past Saturday, with the temperatures dipping and a wet system slowly making its way out of the area, I figured this would mean fresh snowfall up in the mountains.

MysteryMystery Peak Express Chair on Mt. Seymour

I made my way up to Mt. Seymour planning on only taking photos, but realizing many people were actively hiking the area. With almost no knowledge of Mt. Seymour hiking trails, I decided to join them and ended up on a trail that starts off at the base of Mystery chair and heads up towards the peak.

Mystery Base

Prior hikers had already carved paths in the wet snow, and compacted it into an easy to travel trail. Having never gone snow showing or hiking in the winter I was fairly unprepared, but pleasantly surprised at the ease of walking on the compact snow.

Strangers To LandNear the Mt. Seymour parking lot.

I decided to divert off the main trail towards Dinkey Lake, having never been hiking the trails during the summer, I wasn't particularly sure what a lake called Dinkey would look like.

About an hour in, the snow began to turn into sleet, my jacket which wasn't particularly waterproof started getting wet, so I turned around before making it to Dinkey Lake, and came back to the parking lot. This Winter doesn't seem to want to start as quickly as I was hoping. But Its only the end of December with promise for plenty of snow days ahead.

AlteredEven nature isn't immune to the artistic wit of a local visitor, although undesirable, is somewhat fitting.