An adventurer at heart, I am passionate about connecting people with the inspiration that nature provides. Either through my photography or my desire to engage and encourage others to start their own journey of exploration, my camera has been my tool to accomplish this.

Every weekend starts with an idea or a plan that tends to involve being outside. The setting is often the BC North Shore mountains, Washington State or the Sea-to-Sky area, either way my goal is to end up at least 1000 metres above sea level. These are the areas less traveled, the views that don't involve a convenient parking lot, asphalt access path or flush toilets, however due require persistent will, determination and a thirst for exploration.

Although I focus on landscape photography as my primary subject matter, I also connect with others through the camera lens, capturing them in their moments of purity. It is at those moments that we are our truest selves.

During the day I am a marketing manager, developer and creative extraordinaire with a great team of marketing gurus in Fraser Valley BC called FirstPage Marketing. On the weekends I am also a team leader in a local outdoors group called Active Life BC which looks to help individuals develop and maintain an active lifestyle.